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…and join the world wide movement to only eat meat from real farms, not animal factories.

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 What is the Pig Pledge?

The Pig Pledge campaign has been created to put power back into the hands of citizens. It is a call to collective action whose purpose is twofold: to raise awareness about the impact of animal factories and to make people aware that they can vote for real farming over factory farming every time they buy a pork product.

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 Make a difference for people, pigs and the planet

*Figure based on average UK pork consumption per person per year [Friends of the Earth (2014) MEAT ATLAS: Facts and figures about the animals we eat], average pig yield [Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry] and 518 pledges to only eat meat from real farms, not animal factories – or go meat-free.

Read some of the many comments we’ve received about the #PigPledge

“We’re downgrading the role of meat to being yet another cheap sandwich filler. Meat is a precious food and the animals that provide it should always be looked after in the best possible conditions”
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, chef & “real food” campaigner
“As a former pig-keeper I wholly support and applaud the Pig Pledge campaign and all other efforts to make pigs’ lives more humane. I am really pleased to sign this pledge and hope that many, many more people will too”
Rosie Boycott. Writer, broadcaster & food advisor to the mayor of London
“The pig pledge reminds us that by our own actions we can change the world. We must all use our purchasing power to boycott meat from these animal factories”
Patrick Holden, speaker & campaigner for organic food and founding director of the sustainable food trust
“I like pork that doesn’t leak water and taste of nothing. Properly -raised pork has flavour, smells like heaven, and produces proper crackling”
Prue Leith. Restaurateur, caterer, television presenter/broadcaster and cookery writer
“Treating pigs as industrial production units on such an intensive level is not only shameful but also unsustainable. It is the antithesis of what people want the British countryside and farming to be and it poses a potential threat to human health and the environment”
Dominic West. English actor. He is best known for his role as Detective Jimmy McNulty in the HBO drama series The Wire
“For far too long, the link between the overuse and misuse of antibiotics in intensive farming and the serious threat from antibiotic resistance have been utterly ignored”
Zac Goldsmith, British conservative party politician, environmental journalist and entrepreneur
“If you care about the health and welfare of the pigs that make your bacon, then sign the Pig Pledge and support the farmers who care as much as you do”
Jools Holland, OBE DL is a composer, pianist, bandleader and broadcaster
“Everyone should understand what good agriculture means and why it matters; you can’t cook good food and not make this connection”
Barny Haughton, Founder and Director of Square Food Foundation
“Everyone should understand what good agriculture means and why it matters; you can’t cook good food and not make this connection”
Lady Carole Bamford, Founder of Daylesford Organic Farmshops.

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